Cost of biodiesel could rise in India

13 January 2011, In India, the price of biodiesel made from jatropha needs to increase if the nation is to create a financially viable and sustainable biodiesel market.

This was the message communicated by The Confederation of Indian Industry and the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. Together the two organisations conducted a study titled Realistic Cost of Biodiesel in India, which found that biodiesel derived from jatropha should be priced at Rs. 36 per litre (€0.6), up from Rs. 26.5. 

If India were to implement a 3% jatropha-based biodiesel scheme between 2011 and 2012, it would save in the region of Rs. 3000 crores and create almost Rs. 5500 crores in revenue. 

Based on these findings, both organisations suggest that the Indian government introduce incentives and grants, in addition to other policies, to help make biodiesel self-sustainable.


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